Language Access Subcommittee

Mission: The HJN language access subcommittee believes language access is key to achieving quality and equitable health, especially for vulnerable & LEP Asian and Pacific Islander community members.   Our goal is to empower community members through education and advocacy around:

o       2010 Census – that all of our community members fully understand and participate in being counted so that resources are appropriately allocated to meet their needs.

o       State and Local Budget Cuts – that community members are informed about the impact on health and human services, and are engaged and mobilized to advocate for the maintenance and restoration of safety net programs.

o       Healthcare System – that community members are made aware of and empowered to exercise their rights to language assistance in taking ownership of their health.

o       Public Health and Human Service Agencies – to hold them accountable (e.g. ,DPSS, SSA, APS, LAUSD, etc.) in complying with their legal obligations to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services.

For any questions about the language access subcommittee, please contact Scott Chan at

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