Protect Medicare and Medicaid in Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Dearest Friends and Allies,

You may have seen the President ask you to call your Member of Congress and express your opinion on the debt debate. This showdown is leading our country down a risky economic path and putting our international standing at risk. It’s time for us to raise the debt ceiling and pay our dues.

That’s why we’re asking you to call 866-961-2143 to be connected to your member of Congress. When you’re connected tell them to stop this nonsense and set our country back on track. Tell them to put our country first, raise the debt ceiling and protect Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Yesterday, there were hundreds of rallies nationwide to demand that members of Congress put real solutions on the table, instead of slashing programs for seniors and the poor while protecting tax giveaways for billionaires. Thousands of calls are being made to keep Congress accountable as well. Calling Congress today will continue to keep up the momentum and make your voices heard.

These calls make a difference, call  866-961-2143 today!


For more information:


Stella Kim

Policy & Communications Specialist

California Partnership

C: 213-700-6276


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