Heavy Teens Need More Health Talks: Study

Pediatricians often miss important opportunities to talk about nutrition, exercise, and emotional issues with overweight teens, suggests new research from California. Focusing on these issues in overweight adolescents may give doctors a chance to stop unhealthy behavior that could be setting kids up for obesity before it’s too late, said study author Dr. Carolyn Bradner Jasik. “Once kids are obese, these behaviors are entrenched, and it’s much more difficult,” she told Reuters Health. Her new research hints that while doctors may take the time to ask obese teens about diet and physical activity, and to help them work through ways to improve their health, they may overlook opportunities to have the same conversation with overweight teens.

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One response to “Heavy Teens Need More Health Talks: Study

  1. Being a troubled teen could not only be in the form bad behavior or the likes, but there are also troubled teen with weight problems. And the best way to prevent such is through treating troubled teens with weight problems. Though it is not easy but with a little hard work and dedication it can be done.

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