Matsui: Health care reform saves almost $1M for seniors in drug costs

Federal health care reform has reduced Medicare prescription drug costs for 2,130 Sacramento seniors by a total of almost $1 million since January, according to Congresswoman Doris Matsui from Sacramento.

Since Medicare drug coverage started in 2005, American seniors have fallen into a drug coverage gap — often referred to as ‘the doughnut hole’ — when they spend more than $2,840 per year on prescription drugs.

The Affordable Care Act signed by President Barack Obama in March 2010 offers Medicare beneficiaries a 50 percent discount on out-of-pocket costs for brand name drugs included in the health reform law. Beneficiaries have saved an average of $545 so far.

“The Affordable Care Act is working — and these savings are proof of that,” Matsui said in a statement. “The benefits the health care law have provided to our nations’s seniors cannot and should not be undermined, and I will continue to fight against proposals that eliminate these improvements or otherwise cut Medicare benefits.”

Full article here


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