Hepatitis Screening initiatives – can you help?

Dear All,

Europe needs your help. On the 24th May the European Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) held a conference and discussion. One topic was Hepatitis in Europe and the need for more attention and screening. The director of the European Center of Diseases Control (ECDC), Marc Sprengler, made it clear that screening in risk groups is essential. Therefore, ECDC plans to do a survey of all published papers related to the cost effectiveness of screening.

On the one hand this is a great success but on the other hand we know that all activities organized by hepatitis groups will not be included in the report. After some negotiations with the ECDC, our partner in Europe, The European Liver Patients Organisation (ELPA) managed to make the case for an independent report about screening activities done by patient groups. This independent report will be part of the negotiations to establish screening programs for HBV and HCV in Europe.


So please, could you send us your input regarding the following questions?


– Have you ever done screening in risk groups? If yes in which?

– In which field? HCV, HBV or both?

– Could you give us a short description of the activities you conducted?

– Were they supported by your government?

– What was the outcome of your activities?


The more input we get the higher the credibility of the report and the more impressive the role of the NGOs will be. Our aim with this initiative is to ensure that patient groups worldwide are always involved in political decisions.


Please send your answers to akautz@leberhilfe.org till the 12th August 2011.


We know how busy everyone is so we appreciate very much for your cooperation!


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