Webinar: Marking Progress: Evaluating Movement Toward Racial Justice

While practitioners, advocates and funders increasingly understand the importance of using a structural racism lens or systemic approach, we have had less conversation about how to determine whether such work is generating the impacts we desire. What is both meaningful and realistic when evaluating work to change complex, cumulative and deeply entrenched outcomes and conditions? How do we assess progress toward transformation when so many of our indicators are transactional? In spite of the conceptual and practical challenges, we all want to know if our short-term gains are leading to longer term, sustainable and important changes.

This webinar will address challenges, offer examples of current evaluative efforts, and share suggestions to help us ask the right questions from various roles of community activist, advocate, researcher, or funder. More importantly, we will conduct an interactive session to ensure that we hear what funders, activists and others are struggling with or learning in their own evaluations.

Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Rinku Sen, Executive Director, The Applied Research Center
Maya Wiley, Executive Director, Center for Social Inclusion
Moderated by Lori Villarosa, Executive Director, The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity

We will raise issues that each of the presenters have written about in PRE’s Critical Issues Forum, Vol. 3 Marking Progress: Movement Toward Racial Justice, as well as expand as our thinking has continued to evolve and as we have continued to hear about challenges raised by others.

To register for the webinar, click here.


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