Budget Action Update!

Dear Allies, 

Recent reports from the State Capitol have indicated that Governor Jerry Brown is planning to unveil an alternative budget proposal in response to Republican legislators’ unwillingness to compromise on a budget that includes modest revenue extensions in addition to the steep spending cuts signed by the Governor back in March.

And while few details about what can be anticipated in the Governor’s budget package have been made available to the public – we cannot afford to assume that we can let up on the pressure now. That’s why the HHS Network will be organizing a statewide call-in day on Wednesday, June 29.

On Wednesday, it’s absolutely imperative that we get on the phones and call Senate Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John Perez to remind them that California’s health care and human services programs have been subjected to more than $15 billion in steep cuts over the last three years.

We also need to encourage them to stand up for the restoration of key health and human services programs, including IHSS, CalWORKS, Adult Day Health Care, Child Care, and Healthy Families’ vision coverage for kids.

With the end of the fiscal year this coming Friday (July 1), we can expect things to move inside the Capitol very rapidly over the next few days. Please help us urge legislative leaders to save the restoration of core health and human service programs this Wednesday (June 29) by participating in our statewide call-in day!

We’ll be following up with another e-mail alert on Wednesday with key messages and phone numbers. Please be sure to forward this and the upcoming e-mail to your network and encourage your members, coworkers and friends and family to help us generate as many calls as possible!

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