Community transformation grant update

For those who are following this opportunity, the federal government announced a related grant program this week, for National Networks of Community-Based Organizations. $4.2 million a year to national networks of community based organizations to help support dissemination of successful strategies used in Community Transformation Grants and help leverage existing resources. Letters of Intent are due June 30.


CDC main website on the larger Community Transformation Capacity-Building or Implementation Grants – includes Request for Applications, Frequently Asked Questions, transcripts of informational calls hosted by the CDC, etc.  —


State by state list of about 600 of the 900 organizations that submitted letters of intent to apply for the capacity-building or implementation grants. These LOIs were due on June 6.    The list includes only those organizations that gave CDC permission to list their names and contact information.  Full proposals are due by July 15.


For those who have not applied, or do not qualify to be an applicant, there is still opportunity for involvement. A key step is to reach out to those who have applied to explore possible collaboration and possible involvement in required community coalitions.  For Implementation Grants, grantees must regrant 50 percent of the total that they get from the CDC.


Community Catalyst is continuing to follow the grants, although we are not applying ourselves.




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