A Bold, Inclusive “e-Vision” of Health

Health care is finally starting to go digital with the aim of making medical and health information more accessible and transferable across an entire health system.  California, which has been ahead of the curve, is in the process of building a statewide system for e-health that will serve as an information highway for health and medical information.

In their efforts to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all, Consumers Union brought together diverse stakeholders to promote a design of the California health information exchange that is inclusive of all community perspectives.  This collaborative has shown that there is a way of going electronic and keeping communities and health care consumers integrated in the process.  Principles were developed emphasizing the great need to ensure that electronic health technology is an accessible and useable tool for varied populations, incorporates the languages and cultural preferences of communities, and is rigid about the appropriate use of information, protecting confidentiality and privacy.

As other states ponder how to tackle the new trends of the digital age, these principles can serve as a guide for what good electronic information and technology practices in health should look like.

For a copy of the principles, click here.


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