Sign on to reform the wasteful Enterprise Tax Zones!

Take Action Today!

The Governor has proposed reforming the state’s Enterprise Zone program — for savings of $93 million over the next two years! With so much at stake, it’s absolutely imperative that we come out in support of these reforms so that we as a state can prevent further cuts and invest in more important priorities, like essential health care and human services programs!

Show your organization’s support for the Governor’s proposal to reform California’s wasteful Enterprise Zone program TODAY by signing the letter below and submitting it to your state legislators!

After already suffering $6 billion in steep cuts back in March, and with the prospect of facing even more deadly cuts to California’s health and human services programs if the needed revenues are NOT passed, California can’t afford anymore wasteful spending.

Show your support today and sign the letter below in support of the Governor’s proposal to reform the EZ program and submit it to YOUR Assemblymember and State Senator!

Things are moving FAST in the Capitol, so we need to get these letters to legislators ASAP! Please sign and send your letter of support by THURSDAY June 2nd!

Read the text of the letter below:


Dear Legislator:

The (NAME OF ORGANIZATION) writes in support of the Governor’s proposal to reform the Enterprise Zone Program.  Now is the time to eliminate the worst abuses of the program that waste taxpayer money without creating jobs.

At a time when Californians face deep and painful budget cuts and 2.3 million Californians are unemployed, we cannot afford wasteful spending. The Governor’s reforms to the Enterprise Zone Program will save $93 million over two years. With the state facing ongoing budget challenges, it’s imperative that every dollar of taxpayer money is spent responsibly.

After years of cuts to schools, public safety and other vital services, the last thing the state should be doing is wasting taxpayer dollars on ineffective programs that mainly benefit big corporations.  Major corporations, consultants and lobbyists continue to rake in billions of dollars from the Enterprise Zone tax credit program – even though non-partisan studies have shown the program doesn’t create jobs.

The reforms will only allow employers to claim credits for new jobs, rather than new hires, ensuring that public dollars are spent to create jobs, not move them. This provision will make the program more effective and accountable to the public.

The Governor’s reforms also eliminate the worst aspect of the EZ program—the public subsidy of tax consultants. Consultants troll Enterprise Zones for businesses that have not claimed credits and advise them on how to maximize their claims. The consultants make their money by taking a percentage of the tax savings for business—all at the taxpayers expense. These reforms will stop those practices and re-direct taxpayer money to job creation, not consultant profits.

Taxpayers deserve better than a sham program that subsidizes wealthy corporations.

We urge you to support the Governor’s proposal to reform the Enterprise Zone program.



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Stella Kim

Policy & Communications Specialist

California Partnership

C: 213-700-6276


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