Medicaid, the Budget, and Deficit Reduction: Keeping Score of the Threats

The constantly-changing budget proposals and the ever-shifting outlook for health programs has been challenging for many advocates to keep track of over the past months. You’ve probably been barraged with warnings about block grants, spending caps, triggers, sequesters, and more. In recognition of how difficult it is to keep up with the changing landscape, our friends at Families USA have develop a new publication which identifies the broad themes that advocates can use to evaluate proposals and message around consistently regardless of the budgetary proposals that come and go. For example, whether it’s a “spending cap” or a “deficit reduction plan with a trigger”, we know that balanced approach is essential; any plan that saves money only by making spending cuts, while ignoring revenue, is a bad plan. The new Families USA publication also provides advocacy and messaging suggestions which may be valuable to advocates working locally to educate legislators about how important the Medicaid program is.


The Families USA publication, “Medicaid, the Budget, and Deficit Reduction: Keeping Score of the Threats”, is available at:


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