Call the Big Five TODAY and Demand a Responsible Budget

Yesterday, Governor Brown released his revised proposal aimed at closing a $9.6 billion budget shortfall. After approving $12 billion in spending cuts earlier this year, the Governor’s plan includes a renewed call for an extension of the tax increases previously approved under the Schwarzenegger Administration. These revenues are necessary in order to avoid even more devastating cuts to vital health and human services programs. For a more extensive budget update, visit CPEHN’s website. You can also access the proposed budget directly at the Department of Finance’s Budget webpage.

Take Action Now:
Our representatives need to hear from you! Call Senate and Assembly Leaders TODAY. Tell them:

“California’s budget affirms our most important values and priorities. I’m counting on you to maintain the revenues needed to invest in our state so that future Californians have the same economic opportunities that prior generations have had. Sustaining programs that provide vital health services will help me and all Californians because: [Share your story here].

Please be a champion for a budget that:

  • Preserves our health care.
  • Creates and maintains jobs.
  • Invests in our schools.”

Call the Big Five today and demand an extension of California’s current tax revenues:


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