Urge Your Representative in Congress to Sign on in Support of Viral Hepatitis Funding!

Hepatitis Action Alert

Urge Your Representative in Congress to Sign on in Support of Viral Hepatitis Funding!

Right now the House of Representatives is deciding how much funding to give to viral hepatitis in 2012 and you can make a difference!

Representatives Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. (D-GA) and Judy Chu (D-CA) are asking their fellow Representatives to sign on to the attached letter asking for an increase in funding for the CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis. Additional funding is needed to ensure that the new Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Action Plan for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis can be implemented.

Whether your Member is Republican or Democrat, they will listen to you as their constituent. We need as many Representatives as possible to sign on to this letter to increase hepatitis funding. You can help make this happen by making an important phone call right now!

How you can make a difference:

Call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at 1-888-876-6242 and ask to be connected to your U.S. Representative. When you are connected, ask for the staff person who handles health care issues. Whether you speak directly to the staff person or leave a message, tell him/her:

“My name is _____________ and I live in (city/state). I am calling to urge Representative _____________ to sign on to Representative Hank Johnson and Judy Chu’s Viral Hepatitis funding letter by tomorrow, May 18th to support the fight against viral hepatitis in the United States. Please contact Scott Goldstein in Congressman Johnson’s office for more information and to sign on. In the next 10 years, about 150,000 people in the United States are projected to die from liver cancer and liver disease associated with chronic hepatitis B and C. I strongly urge your office to sign on to this important letter given that HHS just released an Action Plan that will improve the federal government’ response, and show your commitment to fighting these preventable diseases.”

You can also ask the staff person for his/her email address and forward the attached “Dear Colleague” letter with more information about the sign on letter.

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference!

This Action Alert was created by the Hepatitis Appropriations Partnership. The Dear Colleague letter is attached and below.

Support Funding for CDC Viral Hepatitis Prevention

From: The Honorable Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr.
Sent By: scott.goldstein@mail.house.gov
Date: 5/17/2011

Deadline: May 18th


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