Harry Reid to Force Senate Vote on Paul Ryan’s Budget

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday he will hold a vote on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan when Congress returns from recess — setting up a potential litmus test for Senate Republicans on whether they support Ryan’s dramatic budget cuts.  As Congress hurtles toward its late spring deadline to raise the nation’s debt limit, Reid says he wants to force GOP senators to take a stand on the Ryan plan, which would overhaul Medicare and Medicaid, and cut trillions over the next decade.  “[We’ll] see if Republican senators like the Ryan budget as much as their House colleagues did,” Reid told reporters on a conference call.  “All but two Republicans in the House voted for this.  As with H.R. 1, let’s bring it over here and see how people feel about it,” he added, referring to a separate House-approved long-term spending plan that failed in the Senate.

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