Democrats Threaten to Target Cuts in GOP Legislators’ Districts

With no agreement in sight on how to close the state’s remaining $15.4 billion deficit, some Democrats are discussing targeting GOP districts with steeper cuts if legislative Repulicans will not vote for a solution that includes taxes.  “You don’t want to pay for government, well then, you get less of it,” Senate President Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg told reporters Wednesday.  If other options fail, the Sacramento Democrat said he is willing ot consider a targeted cuts approach like one laid out by Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who has suggested that an all-cuts state budget should focus on the districts of lawmakers who opppose putting $11 billion in tax extensions before voters.  “When it comes to kids or the vulnerable, I wouldn’t want to make distinctions between who lives in a Democratic district and who lives in a Republican district, but when it comes to basic services, convenience services that affect adults…I have an open mind,” he told reporters after speaking at a Sacramento Press Club luncheon.

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