HHS Network: Help us deliver 10,000 postcards

Help us deliver 10,000 postcards!

The HHS Network and its partners and allies need your help! Our goal is to send 10,000 postcards to our leaders in Sacramento urging them to finish the job and vote to maintain existing revenue streams to sustain the California we all want to live in.

The postcard campaign has two parts:

1) Sending postcards to select GOP legislators urging them to vote for revenues. These postcards are meant to be signed by constituents of these priority Republican legislators (Click here to see the list of priority GOP).

2) Sending postcards, signed by anyone in California, to Governor Brown asking him to work with us to pass the revenue extensions with a legislative vote. 

How to get your postcards:

Request copies from California Association of Food Banks:

If you’d like to get copies of the postcards, please email Tim@cafoodbanks.org with the following:

1) The number of GOP focused postcards you would like sent to you and for which legislators. We will send printed address labels with the postcards so if you plan to campaign in multiple target districts, please specify how many postcards you want for each district.

2) The number of postcards for Governor Brown you would like sent.

3) The name and address to send the postcards to.

4) Whether you plan on sending the completed postcards back to California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) or mailing them directly to Governor Brown and select legislators (Please see below for the logistics around either decision).

Our goal is to mail the postcards to you within a week of receiving your order. In addition to the postcards we will send address labels for Governor Brown and any of the priority GOP legislators you request postcards for.

Mailing Logistics
If you send your postcards directly to Governor Brown and target legislators, the cost for a postcard stamp is 28 cents, so budget accordingly. CAFB has funding for postage and would be happy to mail postcards for you, but we would also appreciate network organizations taking on some of this expense, if possible. 

If you would like to mail postcards back to CAFB for us to send, please place all completed postcards in a large envelope and send it to:

Tim Shadix
California Association of Food Banks
1624 Franklin Street, Suite 722
Oakland, CA 94612

Fill out your postcard electronically!

You can also fill out your postcard electronically. Simply visit the links below and complete the form (underneath the postcard template). California Association of Food Banks will then print and mail your postcards to their intended recipients on your behalf!

GOP Postcard Submission Page

Gov. Brown Postcard Submission Page

Visit us online at HHS Network of California
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