GOP Health Insurance Plan Would Hurt Poor, Elderly, Says L.A. County Chief

Republican proposal to radically reshape Medicare and Medicaid, the federal and state-federal health insurance programs for the poor and elderly, would devastate L.A. County’s public hospitals and clinics, said County Chief Executive William T Fujioka. “It would have a horrific impact on our programs and services, not only in direct context for the amount of funds we receive to support individuals who rely on Medicare and Medi-Cal for healthcare services, but what you’ll see is providers throughout the whole county who will stop seeing Medicare and Medi-Cal patients,”  Fujioka said Monday. Because the Republican proposal would slash payments to physicians who care for the poor and elderly, Fujioka predicted such aggressive cutbacks would result in physicians deciding to stop seeing those patients. “As a consequence … their only choice will be to come to the county. And you’ll see an impact on emergency services and an impact on every single county healthcare program we have,” Fujioka said.

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