Webinar Slides: Managing in Times of Change and Transition Series, Part II: Managing Teams

Slides for the Managing in Times of Change and Transition Series, Part II: Managing Teams webinar that took place on April 7, 2011.

Today, nonprofit organizations are increasingly called upon to make dramatic changes in response to decreasing revenues, increased demand for services and external pressures. This three-part webinar series covers the key questions to consider and change management tools to use in order to manage change successfully.

Maintaining positive staff motivation for service during organizational change and transitions is challenging but necessary. This webinar examines ways to maintain staff morale and positive client service during periods of difficult organizational change.

Topics covered in Part II include:

  • Overcoming team resistance
  • Structuring communications to facilitate change
  • The role and importance of emotional intelligence in managing others through change and transition
  • Identifying strategies successful team management

About the Presenter:
Doris Roach, J.D., is an executive coach and management consultant specializing in developing effective leadership, strong teams and helping organizations benefit from an increasingly diverse workplace.

Published: April 2011
Type: Presentation
Language: English
HIV/AIDS » Organizational development

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