Green Chemistry and the Earth – Minimizing the Use and Generation of Harmful Substances

Please join us for a Webinar on April 26th from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ET (registration required)


Green Chemistry and the Earth – Minimizing the Use and Generation of Harmful Substances

Description: This Partnership for Environmental Public Health webinar will focus on Green Chemistry.

To start off the webinar, Amy Cannon, a green chemist and Executive Director of Beyond Benign will provide an introduction to green chemistry.

Tolle Graham, Coordinator of Environmental Programs (healthy schools, green networks) at the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH) will present a discussion of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, The New England Consortium Green Chemistry Training Project, including a discussion of the development of training the trainers and the curriculum for the training of workplace and environmental health advocates.

Tim Morse, Director of the Chemical Innovations Institute and Nancy Simcox, Research Industrial Hygienist at the University of Connecticut Health Center, will discuss the findings of 10 focus groups with custodians and facility/health and safety officials at state agencies and will cover perceptions of cleaner effectiveness and safety/health, the adoption process (and suggestions for improvements), issues for non-English speaking custodians, and actual cleaner use patterns. They will also discuss their future work on this community-based participatory project including surveys, testing for phthalates, and the development of best practice guidance.

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Michael Wilson, incoming Director of the UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program (part of the Western Region Universities Consortium) and Associate Director of the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry will discuss the role of green chemistry in the context of worker health and safety and will describe the linkages between chemicals policy reform and new investment in green chemistry technologies. He will describe the interdisciplinary approach of the Center for Green Chemistry and the California Green Chemistry Initiative, which was launched by California EPA in 2007 to address the problem of risk shifting in chemicals policy. We encourage webinar participants to view a UC-B video: Green chemistry in the lab and beyond as background information for Dr. Wilson’s presentation.

If you have any questions about this webinar please feel free to call or email Justin Crane (, 919 794-4702).


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