Electronic Medical Records Poised to Cut Costs, Improve Patient Care

Jennifer Gomez sat at her doctor’s office in Evanston after her appointment, waiting for a handwritten prescription. Minutes later, her doctor wondered why Gomez was still in the office. What the 20-year-old Loyola University Chicago student didn’t know was that not only had the prescription been sent to the pharmacy, it also was ready to be filled. “The prescription was at my pharmacy before I even walked out of the office, because everything is computerized,” Gomez said of her experience at a clinic run by NorthShore University HealthSystem. “I was surprised, expecting to wait.” Gomez is among the first patients to experience the benefits of electronic medical records, as the nation’s health care industry moves from paper files to computerized records. The momentum is expected to pick up this year as federal stimulus money to help with the transition is starting to arrive at doctor offices and hospitals across the U.S. companies.” 


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