Conference Call: Responding to Attacks on Medicaid

Last week, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) released a House budget resolution that called for drastic cuts to Medicaid that would fundamentally reshape the program—making it less reliable for the people who depend on it and shifting costs to consumers and to the states.

Unfortunately, this is not the first attack on Medicaid and there are bound to be more as Congress continues to hammer out the budget for fiscal year 2012 and prepares to debate the debt ceiling. As consumer health care advocates, it will be our job to ensure that the public is not only aware of how excessive these cuts are, but of who will be caught in the fallout—seniors, children, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes.

Please join us this Thursday, April 14, at 3:30 PM EDT (12:30 PM PDT) for a Health Action conference call to hear about the latest legislation moving through Congress concerning Medicaid. We will be joined by staff for Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), who is a member of the Senate Finance Committee and a tireless champion of people who rely on Medicaid.

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We will also be joined by Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, and Jennifer Beeson, director of Government Affairs at Families USA. They will discuss the context behind the onslaught of attacks on Medicaid and the strategies and actions you can use to effectively counter those attacks.

Medicaid is an essential program that provides health services for millions of the most vulnerable Americans. The House budget resolution is not a solution to reducing government spending. Congress is simply talking about shifting costs from the federal government to states and middle-class, working families. Join us to discuss ways we can maintain this important health coverage for millions of American families.

Please Click Here to RSVP
Thursday, April 14, 2011
3:30 PM EDT/12:30 PM PDT

As always, Health Action Conference Calls are closed to the media. We hope you can join us for this important conversation on Medicaid. Thank you!


Jessica Larochelle
Field Director


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