Update on the State Budget

Dear Allies,

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown announced that ongoing budget negotiations in the Capitol had come to an end due to Republican legislators’ unwillingness to seriously consider the Governor’s proposal to balance the state’s $26 billion deficit through an equal mix of steep cuts and modest revenues.

Worst of all, Republican legislators refused to even allow Californians the opportunity to vote on these solutions, instead demanding over fifty concessions that would only further undermine California’s economic and family recovery.

After having already suffered $12.4 billion in significant spending cuts to our health care, schools, and human services, Republican legislators have now demonstrated an unconscionable lack of faith by refusing to allow the voters to weigh in on the Governor’s $12 billion revenue package.

But despite these obstacles, our work is far from finished! The HHS Network and its allies and partners will continue to push hard for a budget with revenue solutions! The Network will be organizing a special statewide briefing call to answer your questions and discuss our next steps and strategy moving forward.  We will send the details for the call as soon as they’re confirmed.

Stories of Individuals Impacted by Cuts!

In the meantime, there is still much work to be done, including highlighting the human impact of the $12.4 billion spending cuts to health, schools, and human services that was signed into law by the Governor last week.

If you and your organization know of anybody who is willing to share their story of how the cuts will impact them or their loved ones (or have already impacted them!), then please let us know!

Click here to let us know about a story you’d like to share!

The HHS Network is always looking for stories from impacted families, seniors, and people with disabilities who are willing to share their stories with the media to let the public and legislators know the real impact of these dangerous and life-threatening cuts.

There’s no denying that the impact of these cuts will be long-lasting and truly horrific. And that’s exactly why we must continue to work together to push for revenues to prevent even more cuts to our essential health care and human services, no matter what it takes. In the coming weeks, we will continue to highlight just how terrible these cuts truly are and increase the pressure on obstructionists who continue to try to force us into an “all-cuts” budget. We must also continue to encourage our legislators to find the means for putting revenues back on the table and point out those obstructionists who have stalled the budget process.

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