HHS Network: Next Statewide Briefing Call, 2/15

Dear Allies,

Save the Date: Next Statewide Briefing Call, 2/15

Things are moving quickly in the Capitol around the State Budget. And with so much at stake, the HHS Network is preparing a series of actions over the next few weeks to urge legislators to “be our champions” and find alternatives solutions to mitigate these dangerous and life-threatening cuts!

Please join us on TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15 at 3:00 PM for our next STATEWIDE BRIEFING CALL as we discuss next steps and other important developments in our ongoing budget advocacy work.

See call details below:

Statewide Briefing Call
TUESDAY February 15th at 3:00 PM
: 866-516-5393 Pass Code: 78010970

We’ll be discussing a number of critical issues, including:

  • Updates from the Capitol
  • This Week’s Call-In Day (Feb. 16)
  • Feb. 22nd rally in the Capitol

REMINDER: Eliminate Enterprise Zone Sign-On Letter

And don’t forget to sign your organization on to the California Labor Federation’s letter in support of Governor Brown’s proposal to eliminate costly and ineffective enterprise zones!

Click here to read the letter!

The Governor’s proposal is encountering some opposition in the legislature. If the proposal to eliminate the enterprise zone program DOES NOT PASS – it means California will have to make up the money elsewhere – which means even MORE brutal cuts!

To sign-on, simply click here and e-mail us with our NAME, POSITION, PHONE NUMBER, and the NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.

Visit us online at HHS Network of California
“Like Us” on Facebook!
Follow Us on Twitter!


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