Edison’s Computer Donation Program (free laptop give-away)

Below is the specifics regarding the program, including how to apply for up to
five desktop or laptop computers.

Eligibility Criteria
Edison’s Computer Donation Program is open to public and private schools
serving K-12 student populations and nonprofit organizations located in and
adjacent to areas served by Southern California Edison.

Edison accepts requests for assistance throughout the year. To apply,
schools and nonprofit organizations must submit an application for
consideration on-line. Both schools and organizations can qualify for a
maximum of five Edison-donated (laptop and/or desktop, in any combination)
computers every two years. All computer donations are subject to equipment
inventory availability.

On-line Application
To apply on-line, go to:
Click on Community
Click on Grants & Contributions (from the drop down menu)
Scroll down and click on the In-Kind Donations of computers link (in the
middle of the page)
Take the Eligibility Quiz and continue on to the application

Or, go to:
Click on Community
Click on Corporate Contributions (from the drop down menu)
Click on How to submit a request for contributions (on the left hand side)
Click on In-Kind Donations link (in the middle of the page)
Complete the Eligibility Quiz and continue on to the application

The Program

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to move through the process starting with
the application. We partner with a nonprofit organization, Technology
Training Foundation of America (TTFA) who takes in all of our retired Dell
computer assets. TTFA puts all of the computers through an inspection to
determine the condition of the computers. If they pass, the hard drive is
wiped clean and brand new Windows XP software is installed (unless the
recipient, in advance, requests to install their own operating system). The
computers come with a 90 day warranty, with the exception of the batteries
on the laptops. The laptops also do not come with an internal wireless
card. If you are looking to use the laptops for wireless internet access,
you will need to purchase that item on your own.

83 responses to “Edison’s Computer Donation Program (free laptop give-away)

  1. PLEASE help me, i need the laptop urgently to make reseach as ascience student

  2. Hello, Please help me! I need a laptop to print information and send to all the remote places in Papua New Guinea. Our schools are way behind with the modern technology in using computers. Can you help us to donate computers for the schools in Hela province of Southern Highlands of PNG.
    I am Rayleen> rayleenukuma@gmail.com

  3. hi i really need a laptop for my personal education research
    i live in Chicago IL
    plz reply

  4. hello This is RUTH please i need serious help
    our organization serious needs laptop how can you help us

  5. Much as our organisation needs them i personally need one for school research ruth tino uganda

  6. Please, I am an individual who would like to be helped and given a free laptop/desktop to help me in my studies at Busitema university

  7. Appea Abugbire David

    please am a teacher trainnee in Ghana and i need a laptop to help me teach ICT in a rural community where am doing my teaching practise.imagine that these children have not even seen a computer before and are suppose to write the exam with others in rich schools.

  8. Am frm kenya i need a toughbook to use for my studies am in a very remote place please reply urgent help.

  9. Mr.Jaime Pastor

    To whom this may concern:
    I’m making this request because we urgently need your support and
    assistance in obtaining 2 computers and 3 much needed laptops. They will be used on a daily basis from monday through friday and some weekends for the following purposes; learning basic computer skills; research; write/document our stories/lives; blog,and share and receive feedback.please help your donations will change our lives in many ways. Thank you and feel free to contact me any time.

    My email is: prjimmy46@gmail.com


  10. My Name is Muhammad Rizwan Haider i am from pakistan i am student of associate engineering i am in need of laptop for my studies if anyone want to donate me laptop please my email is r.haider51@yahoo.com

  11. In the first place i want to admire your blessed idea of donating laptops freely for organizations and individuals.I am also in need of free used laptops for educational purposes since i am not in a position to buy by myself.I hope you will fulfill my desire of getting a laptop.Here is my email address. addis_2122@yahoo.com.

  12. chiranth rajapaksha

    Dear sir madam,
    I am sri lankan student.I am study computer programmeing.
    So I need a laptop coputer.
    So who have to help me.Thanx read this.
    No 147/1,2nd mile post,bandarawela road,hali ela,sri lanka.

  13. warm greetings,
    I am studying in Adama Science and Technology University. I will graduates in the next year on June 2014.
    According to my academic advisor, personal computer(laptop) and digital camera are needed
    for my research work and to present termpaper for the next many courses.My income is very small.
    Therefore, I can not buy these materials,that’s why I send you this E-mail.I needyour help.
    Please help me, if you have second hand laptop and digital camera.
    Thank you for your understanding,

    Kefelegn Sahle
    From Ethiopia
    Contact address
    kefelegn sahle
    P.O Box 260
    Zeway- Ethiopia

  14. Sir,
    My father give me acomputer before die,but know it is turbled, every part of computer hard disk,ram,m.board is old and damege.I m a unemploye person but I need it all type of examination.but now i have not many to repaire it.So plz sir i request u plz donet me a second hand lapyop.

  15. Sir,
    My father give me acomputer before die,but know it is turbled, every part of computer hard disk,ram,m.board is old and damege.I m a unemploye person but I need it all type of examination.but now i have not many to repaire it.So plz sir i request u plz donet me a second hand lapyop.Do somthing for me sir.

  16. Sir,
    My father give me acomputer before die,but know it is turbled, every part of computer hard disk,ram,m.board is old and damege.I m a unemploye person but I need it all type of examination.but now i have not many to repaire it.So plz sir i request u plz donet me a second hand lapyop.Do somthing for me sir.
    Ghrami Mandi,
    Gurudwara Road, Saharanpur-247001
    Uttar Pradesh(INDIA)

  17. H.R. Sudarshasna

    Dear sir, madam,
    I am sri lankan
    So I need a laptop computer.
    So who can help me.Thanks
    No 270/a,Makewita Ja-ela,sri lanka.

  18. hello sir/madam my name is Betty from limpopo i need laptop for my schooling can you please assist with it to furthuermy studies.i hope my request will be taken into considreation

  19. Doreene Eason

    I plan to provide technical training for the community. We are in the process or remodeling to include a 250 seat community center to provide many services, including technical training a, health center, arts center, job related services. We have currently partnered with the Salvation Army and WorkSource for this project. The donation of computers will help us to achieve this goal. We are a non-profit organization, with the t appropriate tax id information. I am in need of computers for the classroom. My primary focus of training is on application software to enable students to gain necessary skills to enter the workforce,and special focus on the young and older population within the community


    Hello sir/ madam i have been offering a theology course online using internet (computer) but my finance could not support because i have been using internet cafe (public computers) because i don’t have own my laptop or a computer if someone can that’s exactly what i could wish. Because if i don’t complete the course by November/ 2013 i will have to repeat the course.i am a uganda aged 19


    Can you help me with laptops or computers to help youths ,drug edicted and illitrates rehebilation programe..PAPUA NEW GUINEA..

  22. i am mehreen gul belong to pakistan. i need a laptop for my education please help me i cant afford to buy laptop. i need ur assistance

  23. Hi

    i am a young boy from South Africa and i have this huge website in my brain i want to create it.the problem is i am from rural area,but that does not stop me to think big so i want a computer to create my website so i can earn money and make a differance to someone like me

    thank you

  24. I beg for a computer to ease my work load

  25. I want laptop for my son.icant by my my sell.I am berry poor



  27. In the first place i want to admire your blessed idea of donating laptops freely for organizations and individuals.I am also in need of f
    ree used laptops for educational purposes since i am not in a position to buy by myself.I hope you will fulfill my desire of getting a laptop.Here is my email address.jussyndhlovu@gmail.com . i am from zimbabwe

  28. I wish to be donated to alaptop to enable me teach the youth computer skills, write projects and use it as a youth internet communication point.

  29. Please help me!I live in jamaica.i really need a laptop because my teacher keeps telling us to research for our homework and this phone that im using is not working well so i really would appreciate it if you would help me.thanks!

  30. I am a Biomedical Engineering Student and I need a laptop for my program, I can not manage to buy own please I need help!


  31. pls i need a lap top for my studies. here is my cell number 23750721776

  32. Hallo am livingstone from uganda, am working with the youth in mostly garbage collection and training youth in computer training and we need assistance of laptops to help youth in my area get equiped with computer knowledge .Thank you so much

  33. First I am very happy to hear these good news. Now I am in need of free laptop or computer which are very essential for me to make my university education . I hope I will hear positive responses from you.
    Email address: minayenendalew@gmail.com

  34. Collen M hlungwani

    Dear sir /madam
    How is your morning,I’m south African.I’m writing this on behalf of my younger brother who is in university this year for his first year,so he need laptop for his studies problem his he doing computer science. Which its need computer always where my mother she is unemployed she able to pay hos rent and for his food only ,so. Now he needs money for books but he suggested to have a laptop he can download every thing there it will simply for him,so please I really need only 1 laptop for him,only 1 laptop for my younger brother,if u need evidence of approval I can give document.
    I will be happy to get help.
    Yours sincerely Mr Collen M Hlungwani

  35. IAM APPLYING FOR A LAPTOP COMPUTOR TO YOUR ORGANIZATION,so that we can get a better livelhood to our community

  36. Hi,am kenyan pursuing sofware engineering and would like a laptop assistance for my research since i cnt be able to buy one,any one willing can send me can contact me through bensonbett25@yahoo.com

  37. I need a laptop or computer for my research work ,i am working on energy field to create unlimited energy plz reply if u want donate

  38. I am in the Nursing Training College in Ghana studying Registered General Nursing. but i need a LAPTOP to help improve upon my research work. thank you.

  39. Clement Mutale Mukuka

    Dear sir/madam,
    Please kindly help me, I need a laptop for my 17years old daughter,she is learning in grade 11and the school requires her to research in her studies. Unfortunately I cannot afford. I live in
    Zambia, Chilanga.

  40. Place Sir.
    Am kingsley form Ghana sir this my first experience that am having with you.
    I am student at kumasi polytechnic offering H.N.D estate management in Ghana. Sir my course is most of computer work as we used computer to find internal rate of return. Do valuations. Access land into it highest and best use. Sir we do a lot by using computer perhaps, my course mate all have computer but for me due to financial crisis so i decided to plead you to be on my behalf by means of donating me one laptop computer even in a case that am doing my project work. Sir please help me as i need it expedent. Sir for the sake of my education and my future please sir . If you can send it through DHL OR FERDEX that’s a faster way so that it can enhance my education. Thank you sir. As my address Maxwell Kingsley Kwofie box ap 29 takoradi apowa Ghana and my number is +233241635752

  41. Hi, am Paul from South Sudan, study medicine (second year)at Bahr El Ghazal University , i need a Laptop to download Medicine books , please Help me. The Laptops here are very expansive..this my number +211954589808, and God bless you.

  42. sir,
    i am sayyad muktiyar ali staying in india.state goaamd town sanquelim.
    i wanted an urjent laptop to complete my studies further as i am very poor cannot affort to buy laptop as my own so please help me.

  43. I am a an ordained Pastor in Malawi – Africa.
    I would like to ask your organization to assist
    me with a free second hand lap top. As a Church Minister there is lots and lots of daily
    work that would be eased with the help of a lap top. It will assist in making the Kingdom of God grow.

  44. i am student at university and i am in need of a laptop.

  45. i am a student at university and i am in need of a laptop.

  46. Richard Abbam- Berchie

    I’m a newly trained teacher from Ghana, and being posted 2 to a remote area and teaching ICT as one of the subject I teach, since the study of computer is practical and not only theoretical. I will be glad if you assist me to acquire one.Thank you

  47. im from india.I dont have parents and i cant affort to buy a lap top.I never had a PC or a laptop in my life.Please help me get a free laptop/computer.Do drop a reply in my email and i will send u the address for shipping

  48. We work from LOKMITRA NGO at Parbhani and Hingoli district in Maharashtra( India) for Education, Health, Youth Development . Need your computer and laptop for our work pleas suggest us.
    Rahul Mogle,

  49. am very happy to hear these good news. Now I am in need of free laptop or computer which are very essential for me to make my university education . I hope I will hear positive responses from you.

  50. Sir,
    I could not afford a computer or laptop.But I have a urgent need of it for my further studies. I hope I will hear positive response from you.

  51. Good day

    I am Peacemaker Morris Masalane, 27 of age from South Africa and I am in a need of a laptop to operate my developing Motivational Speaking Programme at schools, jails, hospitals, churches ,home based cares, colleges and ect….. My mission is to change, help and restore minds of those who have lost hope in life so that they will be hopeful again and succeed in life, through motivational speaking, inspiration and guidiance.

    With a great respect please help.

    Kindly Regards,
    Masalane Peacemaker Morris
    Cell no. : (+27)78 833 5901 /(+27)72 929 7133

  52. Hi friends i need a laptop for study . I completed pu with first claase and i am preparing for medical entrance exam please help me i am so poor anyone want to help me than text me 919620840876

  53. hi.. im por family now finish ug bba.. i knw computer knwlg n nxt yr join with mba… nw yr i join job.. so.. usu to laptop… r computer… i hve nt lap r system.. r net mobile… plz help me… pa my no 8754876898 plz… i intrs fr computer :-( lap get pannitta ah en fmlykku oru benefit varum n my pg sty cont pannuven plz plz help me….

  54. Hi am Sunaina from India, I need a laptop to my job as i don’t have any support from my family so please help me. am married but my husband can’t afford for new laptop, I want to do job if anyone who wants to donate laptop please contact on my gmail samlisa329@gmail.com.please help me out this.

  55. Hi. my name4 is Justine ndhlovu from Zimbabwe. i am studying priesthood and i am in urgent need of a laptop to help me in my researches and my assignments. your assistance will be greatly appreciated.my email address is jussyndhlovu@gmail.com

  56. Please i want laptopseriously to reseach

  57. Please i want laptopseriously to reseach.P.O BOX 233, KYEREMATEN M/A JHS,KOFORIDUA E/R

  58. I am a male student of 19years in Ghana(Accra) who is interested in information technology but don’t have anybody to support me get a laptop to further information technology which is my dreams and my field of endeavour ,am pleading if you can help me get one to focus on my dreams .thanks hope to hear from you soon ,in God I trust stay blessed!!!and have a nice day

  59. i am information technology student in arbaminch university (Ethiopia), i am tallented in web-based programing, but idont even have a pc to write and compile my programs.the only way i can get that chance is the ict lab in the college but its ope for students once a week. so please help me to get my first laptop, no matter how old it is, i need it.

  60. Sleiman Abdallah

    hello! I’m suleiman from Tanzania i need computer for my study but I’m not from America country so how can you help me.

  61. Sleiman Abdallah

    this is my email sley.boban@gmail.com



  63. My name is Ali Naksavani,I’m a teacher trainee at Uyama National Teachers College GULU,Uganda.I really need your help with one laptop to help me with my research in sciences,thanks.(+256784723338)

  64. I am trying to go back to college but I lost everything in A house fire now I am way behind in college and I cant afford laptops or computers….please help me donate to laptop so I can go back to class . Thank you, Felicia Brown 661-861-3922 thank you

  65. am an orphan from uganda am in need of laptop to help me in my studies but i have failed to raise money to buy one so i need yo help.thank you

  66. HELO i Am university student at haramaya university,3rd year medicine ,i want to have laptop but cant because i am orphan from ethiopia,so pls help me as much as you can,
    phone +251910762790
    p.o.box 21 harar

  67. am in need of laptop for my studies please i need your help

  68. Terencehill Daniel

    Please help me with a laptop. I really in need for my studies…
    Terencehill Daniel
    Papua New Guinea

  69. hello, please help me i need a laptop for my research at the universty . I come from a low income family , i live with my mother and my other4 siblings . I need a laptop and my mother can’t afford it . Please help. I will be very grateful if my request is put into consideration. Thanks

  70. Fantahun Negussie

    Dear Donor,
    I’m Bsc in public health student from Ethiopia,
    I needs Laptop to study those human anatomical structure & to identify those diseased as well as non diseased.
    In general to have special knowledge that are related with pictures, I needs Laptop but I can’t afford it due to poorness.
    Please dear donor, try to give me what ever it is second hand laptom for my success.

    Tel. 251912641861
    P.O.BOX. 84 Hawassa College of Health science,ETHIOPIA.

  71. Hi…am holy..please help with laptops for education use in the remote areas.

  72. Hullo administrators,
    am called Duane From uganda a student doung Information Technology, please i need a free laptop because I need to excel and laptop is so essential to may course

  73. washington odero ochieng

    Jambo.Am a volunteer sunday school teacher and would appreciate if your orgnization help me with a laptop or desk top to prepare sunday sch. lessons.am from Kenya. asante sana.

  74. we need laptops to serve future population if u have than plz donate

  75. kasiko ibrahim

    Hello.. please am requesting for a volunteer to help me and donate to me a free laptop and a smart phone to ease my university studies, am beggining in august- 8th- 2015 and i was admitted for Bachelors of laws. Please help me because i need them argently to ease my university studies.. May God bless whoever will help me “A candles Losses nothing by lighting another candle n as iron sharpens iron, man shall also sharpen fellow man(Proverbs). You can reach me on my email ibrahimkasiko@gmail.com or call on +256701781115, thanks!

  76. Hello Sir / Madam,
    I am Damba Denis from Africa-Uganda, I am 21 yrs old, I learn computer only on theory because I can’t afford to buy a laptop and a computer. Please I kindly ask you to help to get a laptop so that I can also know the Practical part of it, God bless you so much.

  77. Hi,
    I have just moved to Liverpool in the UK.
    I desperately need a laptop, i have a chronic illness but I am trying to help spread the word of God to countries with crises and raising funds to help children affected by wars, natural diasters.
    I know i will die either ways if Christ tarries but i now live for God and being a blessing to people who are sufferring having sufferred so much in life, now sickness wants to claim me from my dream of being a doctor but it cant stop me for living for helping people.
    So much ideas but no funds.
    I have 2 young kids and get benefits to live on but i use from what i get to help people in severe needs, my heart breaks to see so much sufferring in the world but i will do my bit.
    pls help as i am struggling to reach the pastor in nepal and other countries due to no computer or laptop, my internet will be coming on tomorrow but still not able to buy a laptop or computer due my bills.
    It will change some of these childrens lives if i can get them laptops as well.
    pls help.
    May God bless you for any little thing you can do for me and us, pls help us.
    I will be forever grateful.

  78. HI, i am asking someone who can help me by giving me a laptop for doing some research on business ideas

    thank you

  79. i need help with a new laptop please i cant afford it

  80. please i need a new laptop for my homework and research as a science student

  81. Hello everyone. My name is george I live in zambia.it has been 9 years ever since I completed my secondary level.due to the sudden death of my father , I failed to further my education. Any one can help me with a junior laptop so I can use it in the village for sending information maybe I can earn a living. HELP me pliz. My address is georgemofy@gmail.com

  82. i am from ethiopia and learning self sponsered master in ethiopia. But it is hard to learn without laptop please would you donate to me. I hope u do

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