CA State Budget Advocacy January 10th

Dear Allies,

Statewide Day of Action: Put It ALL On The Table! (Jan. 10)

Governor Brown’s first budget proposal will be released by January 10, and the HHS Network is continuing the fight for a California Family Recovery Budget with a statewide day of action on MONDAY, January 10th!

We’ll be rallying outside Governor Brown’s offices all across the state to urge him to “PUT It ALL ON THE TABLE” when weighing California’s budget priorities:

Create jobs for Californians OR give oil companies a free ride?

Care for children, seniors and people with disabilities OR give tax breaks to out-of-state corporations?

Put California back on the road to recovery OR continue down the same, failed path?

Please join us! Contact an HHS Network organizer in your city to get details and help shape your local event.

San Francisco office:
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
3:00 pm
Kim Kruckel

Capital Building
Sacramento, CA
11:00 am
Evan LeVang
(530) 893-8527

Fresno office:
2550 Mariposa Mall #3013
Fresno, CA 93721
Time: TBD
Jessica Rothhaar
(510) 873-8787 ext 107

Los Angeles office:
300 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA
Astrid Campos
(213) 407-5840

Riverside office:
3737 Main Street
Riverside, CA 92501
Time: TBD
Julie Williams
(909) 884-2129
Astrid Campos
(213) 407-5840

San Diego office:
1350 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Time: TBD
Nancy Gomez
(818) 317-4772
Stella Kim
(213) 700-6276

Click here to download the flyer!

California is facing a $25.4 billion budget deficit over the next year and a half – on top of one of the worst economic recessions in decades! This budget year, we need to put it all on the table and create a budget that reflects our collective priorities!

Join the HHS Network for the January 10th Statewide Day of Action!

Why California Needs a JOBS TEST:

We’ve all heard it before…tax breaks create jobs, right?

Well, according to a recent report from the Capitol Alert, California received a dismal “D-minus” grade when it comes to transparency in state spending on corporate subsidies, including loopholes that cost the state billions of dollars annually.

According to Good Jobs First, the lack of transparency in California’s corporate tax expenditures means there’s no clear indication of where the subsidies are going OR a clear way of judging how effective they are in improving our economy and creating jobs.

Click here to read more!

Getting our families back on their feet and back to work is our most important priority! And that means we should subject EVERY expenditure, including costly corporate tax breaks, to a rigorous jobs test to show how it affects job creation and retention!

Click here to read the report from Good Jobs First!

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