Post-Election Debriefing Call & Resources

Dear Allies,

Post-Election Debriefing Call, Nov. 5th @ 11 am

Yesterday’s election was a major turning point for California, but our work is far from finished! California families, seniors, and people with disabilities are still struggling from the pain of Governor Schwarzenegger’s $1 billion in blue-pencil cuts – and there’s still much to be done to get California back on track for a Family Recovery Plan!

Join us FRIDAY (Nov. 5th) at 11:00 a.m. for a post-election briefing call!

We’ll be discussing the election results, what they mean for our safety net and our families, revenues, as well as our next steps. We’ll also be joined by special guest speakers who will be sharing their insights!

See call details below:

FRIDAY, November 5th at 11:00 a.m.
Call-In: 866-516-5393 Pass Code: 78010970

NEW: HHS Network Post-Election Key Messages

And to help you and your organization talk about the election results and what they mean for the future of California’s health and human services safety net, the HHS network has developed a series of suggested key messages and talking points, available here.

These messages provide a general framework to assist you and your organization in communicating with constituents, colleagues, and the media about what we can do now, and in the weeks/months ahead, to put California back on the road to recovery!

Feel free to use these suggested messages to help communicate with your organization, your colleagues and the media about what this year’s election results mean for California, and how we as a state can help California families, seniors, children and people with disabilities thrive & prosper!

You have the power to help get the word out and frame the discussion!

Write a blog post, update your Facebook page, or share these with your own network to spread the word on what we can do to get California back on track & back to work!

HHS Network Post-Election Key Messages & Talking Points

You can find these key messages, along with other helpful materials, on the HHS Network Tools & Resources Page.

HHS Network of California

Visit us online at HHS Network of California
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