Project IMHOTEP Scholarship / CDC/Morehouse College Summer Internship – May-August 2011

Hello everyone,

On behalf of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) and CDC in an effort to increase the pipeline for workforce in Public Health; we extend this special invitation to all our Pacific Islanders, Southeast Asian, and other underrepresented Asian American communities nationwide including our US Jurisdictions.  The APIAHF is offering four (4) scholarships to qualified undergraduates (juniors and seniors) and recent graduates (class of 2010) to apply for this 11-week summer internship program.

Attached you will find a flyer reflecting some basic information and the website <> for students to apply online.  The online application is live! I want you to please direct all the students to the site on the flyer which will prompt them directly to the application.

First, the application will go through an initial screening of minimum criteria (G.P.A, etc.) by Morehouse College. Second, the APIAHF scholastic applicants who pass the first screening will receive an invitation for a phone interview.  The APIAHF will also part take in the interview and selection process.  Once the four scholarship recipients are selected, the remainder applicants who passed the first screening are still eligible for the general selection process by Morehouse College. This mean our students have two opportunities to be selected.

Please share this flyer with all of your list serve or network.  I know this is a lot of information but we want to make sure the flyer is sent out immediately. If you have any questions regarding this matter to please email me at <>  or call my office direct line at 415-568-3306.

Your assistance in getting this information out to your community is much appreciated.  Let’s help our students get the opportunity they deserve.

Thank you for all that you do!


Taunuu Ve’e
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Affairs
Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF)
450 Sutter Street | Suite #600 | San Francisco | CA  94108 |
415-954-9988 | 415-568-3306 Direct | 415-954-9999 Fax | <>  | <> |


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