Short-term Paid Internship with Health Unbound

We are working on a project called HUB:HealthUnBound with WHO and the mHealth Alliance, and we’re in need of a few short-term compensated interns.  We need 3-4 people with global health and social media knowledge to do a bit of work, some of which is engaging, some simply cataloging.  The URL:

Duties include tracking/managing Tweets, tagging database content, and uploading new and innovative projects/orgs in a Drupal-based system. Highly skilled applicants may be asked to manage a Workspace on a specific eHealth target topic.

Those with a background in ICTs for health, eHealth, and health information systems encouraged.
The work requires about 5-10 hours per week, at $500 per month for 1-2 months.
Applicants are asked to send a short note (with any questions) and CV to me at

Thank you all,
HMN/mHealth Alliance
Washington DC

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