2010 Hepatitis C Summit- Call for Presentations

The 2010 Hepatitis C Summit will take place on Friday, November 12 from 9:00 AM – 3:30PM at the California Endowment Community Center in Downtown, Los Angeles. This is the 8th Annual Summit convened by the Hepatitis C Task Force for L.A. County with CalHEP (The California Hepatitis Alliance). The event is free of cost and includes a delicious networking lunch for participants and presenters.

Since 2002, this Annual event has provided practical, useful and current information by some of most dynamic presenters in the field.  Our audience is a diverse mix of health professionals, social service providers, people living with Hepatitis C, and other community stakeholders with a commitment to the prevention, testing, intervention and treatment of Hepatitis C.

This year, the Hepatitis C Task Force Summit Committee is welcoming experts with professional and/or personal experience with and Hepatitis C to conduct or facilitate a workshop session on a topic related to their knowledge base.

If you would like to apply to present on a topic related to Hepatitis C, please fill out the information using this online Call for Presentations.   Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of representatives including experts in the field, the Hepatitis C Task Force Summit Committee members and CalHEP representatives. Selected abstracts will be invited to present individually or on a panel of related topics. Abstracts submissions are due on Wednesday, September 15 to help us plan an informative, balanced summit.

Feel free to send questions or concerns to us at hepctf@hhcla.org. Thanks for your commitment to the fight against Hepatitis!

Hepatitis C Task Force for Los Angeles


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