Metro’s 2010 Pedestrian Symposium: Walking into the Future City

May 12, 2010
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Metro Headquarters
Board Room
One Gateway Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Explore pedestrian planning issues, such as funding, transportation, urban design, community health, and other timely topics. Be a part of this critical and engaging exchange of information and ideas. Re-imagine the cities of tomorrow and let’s direct the choices that will re-shape L.A. County into a more mobile and sustainable region.

Learn about:
– Improving transportation choices and reducing congestion
– Funding and implementing innovative and cost-effective strategies
to create complete streets for all users
– Using current California planning legislation to encourage
non-motorized travel (AB 32, SB 375, AB 1358)
– Designing the urban environment to promote healthier communities


Guest Registration:
For additional information, contact Alice Tolar at (213) 922-2218 or Julie Leung at (213) 922-4373 regarding registration.

One response to “Metro’s 2010 Pedestrian Symposium: Walking into the Future City

  1. Gregory Wright

    Los Angeles has the worst vehicular noise pollution of any large U.S. city I’ve spent time in — and is an important, if not broadly articulated aspect of the unpleasant experience that is pedestrianizing in L.A. Anyone who walks or lives along a minor or major thoroughfare in L.A. or waits for buses on boulevards here — and hasn’t subconsciously deadened their auditory perception — notices in a hurry how loud and disturbing is the racket, roaring and rumbling from exhaust resonators installed on pickup trucks, SUVs and sports cars, and from the exhaust systems of large motorcycles, all of it purely recreational on the parts of these mostly young and middle-aged male drivers. This crap is unnecessary and indefensible. The pickup truck and SUV resonators generate a specific and insidious kind of noise pollution, a penetrating low-frequency vibratory noise that regularly invades my home on a thoroughfare in Sherman Oaks with every push on the accelerator by their totally inconsiderate drivers — and regularly degrades my streetside walking in the Valley and L.A. as a car-less Angeleno who almost daily uses MTA. I’m sick of the car noise.

    It’s high time for state legislation to end the constantly increasing installation and operation of exhaust system “resonators” in California.

    The sale and installation of these devices needs, simply, to be outlawed in our state, and existing devices removed from all vehicles in a two-year cycle accomplished through the biennial auto smog check and re-registration process.

    Was ambient vehicular noise discussed or mentioned at the ‘Walking Into the Future City’ Symposium?

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