Press Forum on Youth Substance Abuse in the Koreatown and Korean American Communities

When: Monday, March  29th, 2010 (11:00am-11:35am)
Where: KYCC 2nd fl. (680 South Wilton Place, Los Angeles CA 90005)

The Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) and the Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC) have recently concluded a collaboration with UCLA’s statistics department to examine youth alcohol use trends based on over 500 youth surveys.  UCLA’s report looks at why youth drink, when they start drinking, where they get alcohol from, and with whom they drink.  Through this collaboration, some surprising and upsetting trends have emerged, highlighting the dangers of underage drinking and the contrasting behaviors among Korean, Latino/a and other youth in terms of their alcohol use.

As part of AADAP and KYCC’s ongoing campaigns to prevent substance abuse, youth from both organizations have also been working on creating short documentaries profiling youth in recovery, which are to be screened at this event.   These eye-opening documentaries portray how two youth came into contact with drugs, became addicted, and how they began on their road to treatment and recovery.

Presented by the youth of the Korean American Youth Council and the Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Program sponsored by AADAP, Inc. and KYCC.  Funded by  LA County SAPC
Please RSVP with Ernie Yoshikawa at [] or Hyobin Hwang at [].

| Ernie Yoshikawa |

Senior Youth Development Specialist

Koreatown Youth & Community Center

680 S. Wilton Place

Los Angeles, CA 90005

213.365.7400 x132


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