Project by Project: Asian Americans and Healthcare

Each year, PbP selects a theme to champion on a national level throughout the year. Our local chapters then seek organizations with missions that fit the theme to partner with and we forge a partnership for that theme through awareness, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

2010 Campaign: Asian Americans and Healthcare

Each local PbP chapter selects one non-profit organization as our beneficiary partner, with whom we design our annual campaign and set goals to accomplish in an eight-month to one year time frame.  The campaign is intended to educate the public, provide short-term and long-term volunteers for the partner’s programs and secure financial support.

Here is a list of issues that we would like to consider in the upcoming year:

  • Health Care reform
  • Access to affordable health care
  • Working with immigrant communities to provide in-language information
  • Educational and cultural assistance to health care
  • Working with the elderly community on senior health care matters
  • Childcare, Eldercare and motherhood
  • Wellness and holistic living
  • Awareness of medical issues highly prevalent in the APIA community (Lupus, Hep B, Aids)
  • Health Education
  • Research and funding of illnesses that are most prevalent in the APIA community (Lupus, Hep B, Aids)
  • Healthy Eating
  • Disabilities
  • Prevention
  • Free health care screenings
  • Mental Health

The Campaign

Upon partner selection, the campaign will begin with an “orientation” between Project by Project and our partner organization.  The orientation serves two purposes:  to educate PbP members regarding the partner’s programs and philosophy so that we may adequately service them and to introduce the partner to PbP team leaders, their functions and their skills.  Over the next few months, PbP will sponsor a number of events to introduce the partner and its programs to our extensive network of contacts.  The events are intended to encourage volunteerism and philanthropy.  The campaign will culminate with our Annual Tasting Benefit, Plate by Plate, featuring a selection of the finest chefs, restaurants and wineries.

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Past National Themes (themes were nationalized in 2003):

2010 – Health Care
2009 – The Economy
2008 – Political Empowerment
2007 – PbP Celebrates 10 Years (No Partners)
2006 – Media and Cinema Arts
2005 – Human Trafficking
2004 – Education (focus on Adult and Seniors)
2003 – Mental Health (NY); Youth (SoCal)
2002 – Mentorship (NY); Domestic Violence (SoCal)
2001 – Literary Arts and September 11 (NY Only)
2000 – New Immigrants (NY Only)
1999 – Anti-Asian Violence (NY Only)
1998 – Domestic Violence (NY Only)


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