Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team will be holding several events in commemoration of the 22nd annual World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day is a call for individuals around the world to take action, fight prejudice, and most importantly raise awareness about the fight against HIV/AIDS.

On Tuesday, December 1st, we will provide free HIV rapid testing for men, women, and transgender at our Downtown L.A. office. Testing will occur from 12:30pm – 8:30pm. No appointments are necessary.

Additionally, we will host a special screening of the documentary, “HIV/AIDS in Malaysia: Mangosteen”. This touching documentary highlights the struggles that individuals living with HIV/AIDS face in this developing nation. The screening will take place at 3:30pm, in the James Sakakura Family Room at our Downtown L.A. office.

Lastly, our CARE department has invited some of our clients to participate on a panel to share their personal stories and struggles living with HIV/AIDS. The event will take place in the James Sakukura Family Room on Wednesday, December 2nd from 1:00pm-2:00pm.

All are encouraged to attend these World AIDS Day events. For more information, you may contact Peter Cruz at (213) 553-1871 or peterc@apaitonline.org.


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