List of Free Public Health H1N1 Clinics

Public Health’s H1N1 vaccination clinics will begin October 23rd which will provide free H1N1 vaccine to residents who do not have health insurance or a regular source of health care, and are in a priority group.

The Priority Groups for H1N1 vaccine are:

– Pregnant women
– People living with or caring for infants under six months of age
-Emergency medical services personnel and health care workers
– Children and young adults from six months through 24 years
– People aged 25 through 64 years with chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease, asthma, diabetes, or weakened immune systems

A list of dates and locations can be found on the Public Health website at or by calling the LA County information line at 2-1-1 from any landline or cell phone. The vaccine clinic schedule will be released two weeks at a time. Residents are urged to check back often if they do not immediately find a clinic that is conveniently located near them. Vaccine clinics will be scheduled from late October through at least December.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


– Mike

Michael Leighs, MPP
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
External Relations and Communications
Emergency Preparedness Liaison
241 N. Figueroa Street, Rm 348
Los Angeles, CA  90012
Email: ( )
Tel:  213.250.8621
Fax:  213.250.8545


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